Legislative Updates

HOAC Bill Reports

Report of HOAC-tracked Bills as of 10/18/21. The last day for the governor to sign or veto legislation was 10/10/21. Today’s date is October 20, 2021.

2021-2022 Letters to the Legislature


AB 240 (Rodriguez), which would require the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to contract with an appropriate and qualified entity to conduct an evaluation of the adequacy of local health department infrastructure, including an assessment of future staffing, workforce, and resource needs. (Support Letter)

AB 263 (Bonta), which would require a private detention facility to comply with and adhere to all local and state public health orders and occupational safety and health regulations. (Support Letter)
SCA 2 (Allen), a constitutional amendment to remove the requirement that local voters approve publicly funded affordable housing. (Support Letter)


SB 397 (Jones), a bill to prohibit health orders from imposing limits on religious services unless the government demonstrates a compelling interest and is the least restrictive means to do so. (Oppose Letter)
SB 448 (Melendez), which would prohibit the state from issuing any emergency order that interferes with a constitutional right. (Oppose Letter)
SB 744 (Glazer), which would require the California Department of Public Health to post a weekly summary of viral respiratory disease by county. (Oppose Unless Amended Letter)